Two Ways to Shop

Pre-order for curbside pick-up:

1. Use the online order form or pick-up/ drop off a hardcopy by the front door.

2. Your order will be ready in 2 Co-op business days. (Co-op business days are Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.)


It has been great to have our members indoor shopping.
We are adding new products, and ramping up our cheese inventory
as more and more of our members are returning to more “normal” routines.
As always we are stocking our staple products while adding more selection. 
We continue to make improvements to the store so stop by and check it out!

We will continue to offer curbside service for your convenience.

We encourage you to consider becoming a volunteer!
Many hands make light work!


Order Received

Order Ready

Saturday through Tuesday






Product List

**Electronic order form must be opened with Adobe Acrobat to work properly.
There is a link with instructions on how to do that below the order form button.** 

Order Form


Electronic Order Form Instructions

1. If opened with Adobe Reader or some browsers, the form is “fill-able” and
can be sent via email by clicking the “submit” button at the top. User
entries on the form can be completely cleared by clicking the “clear”
button at the top.

2. Use the product list to fill in the one-page blank form. **Make sure to input
the item number on the form.**
Download the form to your computer. Note where it is saved.
Once it isdownloaded, you can use it every week.
You won’t need to download it again.

3. Open the saved file. Make sure to use the “open with” option (right click
on the file to bring up this option) and open with Adobe Acrobat/Reader.
Fill in the form, making sure to include the item number. If you make an
error, you can correct by deleting a specific entry or clicking “clear” at the

4. Click “Submit” at the bottom to automatically email it. The first time you
click submit, you will get a dialog box with prompts to set up and give
permission for Adobe to use your email address to send it. You will need
your email address and your password.

5. After submitting, double-check your sent mail to make sure it was sent.
If the submit button does not work but you are able to fill in the form, there
should be an option somewhere in your browser or application to send the
form via email. The email address to send it to is

6. If you send it via that method, please double-check your sent mail to
ensure the filled out form, not a blank form, was sent.

7. When the Co-op reads the email and opens the submitted form, you will
receive a confirmation email.

The Co-op typically checks email on
Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.


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