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Countryside Co-Op

409 MN Hwy 371
Hackensack, MN 56452
Phone 218-675-6865

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Co-Op President Bob Hankey's
Countryside Bulletin Board

The Co-op donated $21,529.00 to area food shelves
and other charities over the past year. 

We can always use voluunters
Thank you to all that are volunteers

Hello from Countryside Co-op. 

Patty Moscowitz will no longer place our weekly UNFI order, but continues to help unload the shipment when it arrives.  Thanks, Patty, for your help with this over the years!  Heather, who acts as a buyer for other accounts has agreed to add UNFI to her list. 

We will be increasing our visibility in the community and promoting the Co-op through the Hackensack and Walker Chambers of Commerce.  We will also maintain a booth at the upcoming Northwoods Arts and Book Festival which takes place in Hackensack on August 10th from 9:00 to 3:00. We hope to introduce Countryside Co-op to those unfamiliar with us and will sell a few of our more popular products.   If you are available to help staff the booth, please contact Ginny at petersen3@tds.net

Attention cashiers!  Please review the laminated checklist on the bulletin board behind the cash registers.  We’ve made a few changes and want everyone to be in the know.  We are planning to hold a cashier’s meeting sometime in July to insure consistencyat the

We continue to add new products to the store’s inventory and hope our members appreciate the added variety.  The Board welcomes your input regarding our products and operation.  Please contact a board member with your comments and suggestions.  If you prefer to do this anonymously, there is a suggestion box immediately to your right as you enter the front door.

We’ve tentatively scheduled our annual meeting for September 5th.  In preparation for that meeting, the board will review and revise our charter and bylaws.  As in past years, the Co-op will provide the entrée with Co-op members bringing a smorgasbord of      hors d’oeuvres, casseroles, and deserts.  Additional information will be provided as the event draws nearer.

As always, thanks to all volunteers for making Countryside Co-op such a special place

Bob Hankey, President



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If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer please click here for the form you need.

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